Creating agents listing template

If there is no valid agents listing page then the plugin will use author.php template which will display all author posts instead of listing of agents. Therefore it is strongly suggested to create a custom agents listing template in your theme.

Step One – Locate theme file

You will need to locate theme page.php or single.php or author.php or index.php which usually located in the root folder of your theme.

Step Two – Clone the file

After you have found the file as in step one, you will need to copy the file and use archive-agents.php as the new filename.

Step Three – Change the loop

In the newly copied file, find the theme code for WordPress Loop, usually it is wrapped inside PHP while syntax. Change the loop into this new code :

if (class_exists('VTCore_Wordpress_Utility')) {
  include VTCore_Wordpress_Utility::locateTemplate('agents-loop.php');